Connecting Water Science with Policy & Practice 


Water Science & Research

  • Water Science
  • Water Technologies
  • Social Sciences
  • Health Sciences
  • Environmental Sciences
  • Climate Research

Water Policy & Practice 

  • Transdisciplinary Collaboration
  • Build Relationships Across Researchers, Communities, Government, Industry, and Practitioners
  • Knowledge Transfer from Research to Practice
  • Support Development of Large Research Grants and Teams
  • Developing Working Policies Engaging Real Communities
  • Inspiring Next Generation of Leaders in Water-Related Fields

Mission Statement

The McMaster Water Network is a group of students and faculty from all faculties with a common interest in water. Our vision is to use a transdisciplinary, multi-sectoral approach to connect water research with policy, practice, and people to deliver local and global impacts. Our goals are to foster relationships amongst potential collaborators to support the development of large research grants and teams; support the development of future water leaders through the Student Chapter; advance community engagement through research and educational activities; and cultivate synergistic relationships amongst researchers, institutes, industry, government, and communities.

Executive Leadership Team

Associate Professor - Department of Civil Engineering

Dr. Dickson’s expertise is in the field of hydrogeology, with a focus on fractured rock systems. She and her graduate students conduct research on the characterization of these systems, and investigate the transport and fate of particulate and chemical contaminants within them. A comprehensive understanding of these systems is required to inform aquifer vulnerability studies, and thus the risks posed to drinking water sources. Dr. Dickson brings this background to the study of local water security, particularly in rural, remote, and Indigenous communities. She collaborates with other disciplines towards a holistic understanding that encompasses the physical, social, cultural, and economic elements of local water security.

Professor - Department of Philosophy

Nancy Joined McMaster University in 2009 as the inaugural appointment to the Hope Chair in Peace and Health, and the Department of Philosophy. She has subsequently served on Senate, and its committees, including, for example, the Senate Executive Committee, the Appointments Committee, the Committee to Recommend a Chancellor, and the Committee on Honorary Degrees. As well, she has served on the Board of Governors, and its related committees. Currently she serves as Director of Water Without Borders, the Joint Diploma Program of the United Nations University Institute for Water, Environment and Health and McMaster University.

Sean Carey is a Professor in the School of Geography and Earth Sciences and directs the Watershed Hydrology Group. His research interests include hydrological and land surface processes in natural and human impacted environments. He has a particular interest in alpine environments and processes that are affected by cold temperatures.

Executive Director - Bay Area Restoration Council

Promote, monitor and assess implementation of the Hamilton Harbour Remedial Action Plan.  Enhance the restoration and public understanding of the social-ecological systems of the Hamilton Harbour watershed through community engagement. Educational programming and issues analysis.  Communicate, collaborate and create opportunities that support and add value to the remedial efforts of our partner agencies, community groups and public volunteers.

Gregory Hooks is a Professor in the Department of Sociology.  More to be added here at a later point.

Extended Leadership Team - Coming Soon



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